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Calculating the Value of Every Hour used, Accounting for Every Cent Spent.

ProjectPerfect™ is an analytical construction tracking system based on the Earned Value Management (EVM) technique for calculating construction performance and progress, to easily track and report every detail throughout a vessels renovation or new construction.

Calculating and accounting for every hour and every cent while analyzing all data against pre-determined baseline schedules and budgets, ProjectPerfect™ equips Owners, Shipyards, Captains or Project Managers, with the most accurate, definitive and immediate time, cost tracking and reporting available.

The ProjectPerfect™ is a web based system using "Cloud" technology and can be accessed via mobile Tablets anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Cataloging all production data throughout the new build or refit, ProjectPerfect™ stores all original build documents, design changes, drawings and photographs throughout the vessels lifecycle.

invaluble tool for any management team
Access all project data remotely via tablet device
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